Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

I think this is going to be a really good fight coming up in July. I think this could either be a fight that works as a stepping stone for Khan to get a much bigger fight such as Mayweather. But it could also work as a way for Zab Judah to add another notable name to his resume and possibly score him a fight with Timothy Bradley or Devon Alexander.

Personally, I'm picking Zab Judah to win this fight but if Amir Khan is able to convincingly beat Zab, he will gain a lot of respect for me. I believe Zab & Sweet Pea will come in with a good game plan and find a way to get inside on Khan. I think Zab will work to set up his left uppercut and try to put Khan out with the power he has in his left uppercut. Amir Khan will likely use his jab but its questionable whether his jab will work out as well against an elusive southpaw as it did against someone like Paul Malignaggi.

I don't count out the fact that Khan my knock out Zab. In a Zab Judah fight, you can never count out him getting knocked out. But his defense is much improved and he doesn't take the punches that he did in the days of the Cotto fight, Baldomir fight, or Mayweather fight.

I think this fight will really show us how Khan does against someone with equivalent speed and a good tight defense. Not only is Zab good at neutralizing his opponents offense with his speedy counter punches but now he actually fights a lot like Pernell Whitaker, with the good philly shell defense and good head movement. This should be a very interesting fight.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: My Predictions

A lot of people are talking about Mosley's power and Mosley's one punch knockout power, and a lot of people I've talked to are predicting an upset by Shane Mosley. Mosley is currently a 6 to 1 underdog, but has proven to come up big when the odds are stacked against him in past fights like De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito.

Personally, at this point in Mosley's career I just can't see him upsetting Pacquiao. Especially after Mayweather drew up the perfect blueprint to beating Shane Mosley in 2010. I just don't think Mosley is fast enough on his feet to pose a threat to Pacquiao. I think Pacquiao will try to keep the fight in the middle of the ring, throw his combos, and turn Shane, and if Shane is slow with his footwork while turning, I'd guess Pacquiao will hit him with clean shots while he turns Mosley.

In order for Mosley to beat Pacquiao, I think he has to be the smarter fighter. We all know Pacman is fast, we all know he uses angles well, and we know that his chin is pretty solid. But he hasn't really shown that he's a thinker in the ring. He usually sticks to his trainer, Freddie Roache's gameplan to perfection. But we haven't really seen someone disrupt that gameplan and force him to revert to plan b. If Mosley can feel out Pacman for a few round and then throw a curve ball at him in the third or fourth round, he maybe able to disrupt Pacman and could land clean, as he did against Mayweather. We all know Mosley can punch and anyone who knows about Pacman's past is that its not certain weather he can take a relentless body attack. He's been hurt to the body before and has had TKO loses due to body shots. I think Mosley needs to apply pressure and go to the body every chance he gets. From there he maybe able to get Pacman to drop his guard and land some big hooks upstairs. Although I do think this is a long shot, Mosley does possess the tools to win, if he fights the right fight.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Andre Berto: Exposed!

After watching the Berto vs Ortiz fight from last night, we can all see why Berto hasn't fought any decent opposition. He took a minor step up in competition last night and didn't look very sharp. It could have been the fact that he was rocked so many times in the begininning of the fight and didn't have his legs under him for a good portion of the fight, but Berto let down a lot of people last night. Anyone who has followed my blog and my boxing journalism knows that I have been calling this for a long time. I was never impressed with the technical skills of Andre Berto. I thought he was trying to live out his career with nothing more than his natural talent.

I've talked to a few fighters that are close with Berto who have trained and sparred with him and they all say the same thing, he has poor work ethic. Which clearly showed last night. He was gassed late in the fight, showed that he has one of the worst jabs in boxing, showed that there his questionable chin maybe more than a myth, his footwork didn't look as sharp as it should have been, he was caught and knocked off balance multiple times, his head movement wasn't good (but bounced around on his feet well when he had strength in them), and he didn't once do any damage with his left hand. With all this said, it seems to me like Berto's style is that of an amateur's. He gets off first and flurries with his blazing speed. Which is another point I've touched on many times in my write ups on Berto, if he doesn't get off first he will be completely helpless. Which was shown last night, when Ortiz got off first Berto didn't look to counter but instead pulled straight back until Ortiz caught him with right uppercuts on the ropes. With the kind of speed Berto has, he should be an excellent counter puncher.

I would say Berto needs a new trainer, but I don't blame is trainer. With Berto its all work ethic. He'd rather party with celebrities than be in the gym training. Maybe the advice of his trainer is going over the top of his head and he needs a new voice in his corner, but something has to change. One thing that stood out to me was how many voices were in his corner. Tony Morgan was trying to give him advice while other members of his training team are yelling in his ear "Man F*** him, start boxing!" and "Its now or never, now or never Bert". Its easy to see why Tony Morgan's words go over the top of his head (not to suggest that Tony Morgan is a good trainer) I couldn't imagine someone like Freddie Roach training him, Freddie Roach is known for getting frustrated and giving up on fighters like Berto. I can't see Emmanuel Steward and the Kronk style helping Berto because he isn't naturally big enough for that style. I don't see Roger or Floyd Mayweather Sr. taking on Berto because Roger is very committed to Floyd and Floyd Sr. maybe too expensive for Berto. I would think that someone like Nazim Richardson could help Berto but I don't know if Nazim would train Berto being he is very committed to Shane Mosley and Mosley and Berto have gone back and forth sending verbal jabs since Berto pulled out of their fight during the time of the Earthquake in Haiti. Whoever he goes with as his trainer, he has to get rid of Tony Morgan. If there's a trainer out there that I think could help Berto it'd be Buddy Mcgirt or Ronnie Shields. I think either of those guys could really help Berto's career

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's next for Sergio Martinez? Is he the best fighter in boxing?

Over the past few years, we've seen Sergio Martinez absolutely take the boxing world by storm. While many of the other elite fighters have slowed down and/or cherry picked beatable opponents, Sergio Martinez has fought anyone willing to fight him. Not only has he taken the best fights possible but he's beaten everyone he's been matched against. So the question is Should Sergio Martinez be the pound for pound king?

When you look at the obvious candidates for the pound for pound best, you obviously have to mention Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Others may throw in names like Tim Bradley, Devon Alexander, and Shane Mosley. Although Tim Bradley has beaten just about all the top fighters at 140lbs, there are still a few VERY GOOD fighters left for him to square off against. After he goes toe to toe with Amir Khan, Victor Ortiz, and a couple other 140 fighters, he will have a good case for pound for pound best but at this point he's still young and a raising superstar. Shane Mosley has declined drastically over the past few years with a dominating lose to Mayweather and a controversial draw to Sergio Mora. Devon Alexander just lost the biggest fight of his career, which IMO puts him out of the conversation for pound for pound best.

Now we're left with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. So lets break down what they've done these past 3 years. Mayweather has beaten Marquez and Mosley in the past three years. Two very good fighters who he absolutely dominated, but in my opinion, its not enough to crown him as the pound for pound best.

Manny Pacquiao beat Ricky Hatton, who many believed was already beat before the fight after getting knocked out by the hands of Floyd Mayweather. He then went on to stop Miguel Cotto, a fighter who was coming off a controversial decision to the hands of Joshua Clottey and was forced to quit in an even more controversial fight with Antonio Margarito. After Cotto, Pacquiao took on Joshua Clottey, a fighter who no one believed had any chance against Pacman and a fighter that was viewed to be nowhere near the caliber of Manny Pacquiao. After winning a decision with Clottey, Pacquiao beat Antonio Margarito who was coming off a scandal in which he was caught loading his gloves prior to the Shane Mosley fight, a fight in which Antonio Margarito was knocked out in the 9th round and then went on to serve a one year suspension for his attempt to load his gloves.

Now we move on to what Sergio Martinez has done in the past 2 years (not 3). He stopped Kermit Cintron in a fight where he was absolutely robbed, being given a draw in a fight that was restarted after Martinez was awarded the win after Cintron was down for the 10 count. Cintron's corner argued with the ref, who unprofessionally gave into the pressure and decided the fight should continue. I view this as a KO win for Martinez. After that fight he went on to fight Paul Williams, the fight was an absolute war both men were down in the fight, and it went on to a very controversial decision as one judge awarded Paul Williams every round but 2. Paul Williams ended up taking a majority decision. Martinez then fought Kelly Pavlik who he cut and dominated after the blood trickled into the eyes of Pavlik. He ended up winning a unanimous decision as he took the WBC and WBO titles from Pavlik. After the Pavlik fight he signed a deal to fight Paul Williams in a rematch. It was immediately obvious that Martinez had worked hard to put on body mass and was substantially bigger than we had seen him before. He ended up knocking Paul Williams out cold in the second round with an over hand left (the same punch he knocked out Cintron with). After the Paul Williams fight Martinez went on to fight Serhiy Dzinziruk. Dzinziruk was previously undefeated and never downed in his career. Martinez made this fight look like Mayweather vs Corrales. He dominated Dzinziruk in the fight, dropping him 5 times in the fight forcing his corner to throw in the towel.

I believe with the evidence presented, Sergio Martinez SHOULD be the undisputed pound for pound champ. Neither Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao show any motivation to fight him and for good reason, he's arguably just as fast as they are, has a substantial advantage in power, is notably bigger than both of them, and on top of it all he's a southpaw. I believe Sergio Martinez would be able to beat Manny Pacquiao relatively easy because Manny Pacquiao is incapable of fighting a defensive fight and Martinez is more than happy getting punches to get punches and I do not think Pacquiao is big enough to be able to exchange with Martinez. As for Mayweather I think Mayweather's defense would make the fight a little bit tougher for Martinez but I don't doubt at all that Martinez could beat Mayweather. Although it would not surprise me to see Mayweather rise above Martinez. Hopefully we at least 2 of the 3 of these guys fight sometime in the next year or two because with the age of all these fighters, they are running out of time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Devon Alexander taking a warm up fight that could potentially derail his career.

As many of you might know Devon Alexander is scheduled to square off with Lucas Matthysse on June 25th. Many people are considering this to be a "tune up fight" after the poor performance we saw from Alexander in his bout against Timothy Bradley earlier this year at the Pontiac Silverdome. The only problem I see with this is that Devon Alexander has shown in his past 2 fights that he cannot handle pressure. He doesn't like to infight and when you force him to infight, he clinches and wrestles. Andriy Kotelnik gave Alexander a good fight prior to Alexander's fight against Bradley, it appeared that Kotelnik was going to get shut out by Alexander, but Kotelnik settled in and fought a great fight in the late rounds, throwing combinations on the inside and wearing Alexander down. Alexander went on to take a 116-112 unanimous decision in a tough fight for him. Timothy Bradley who is known for getting inside, out working, and getting rough did just that against Alexander as he cruised to a unanimous technical decision after the fight was stopped due to a cut.

Lucas Matthysse recently fought Zab Judah on an ESPN card and showed that he is no fighter that should be taken lightly. He's knocked out Vivian Harris, dropped Zab Judah on his way to a controversial split decision loss, and recently knocked out once highly ranked light welterweight & welterweight, Demarcus Corley. Zab Judah has gone on record saying Matthysse is the most powerful punch he has ever faced and he believes Alexander is making a big mistake by taking the fight with him.

Personally, I would have to agree with Zab Judah. At this point Devon Alexander has a lot to prove, and if he just so happens to get warn down by this strong fisted, pressure fighter, he maybe finding himself on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Because I think it would greatly derail his career. After one poor performance against Kotlenik, a loss to Bradley, and a potential loss to a Matthysee, I have my doubts HBO would still have interest in Alexander. At 24 years of age, I don't think Devon Alexander would have a fun time climbing back up the ladder. I have to question who is advising him to take this fight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My take on the Cotto vs Mayorga fight...

After Saturday Night's fight, I'm not sure Cotto is right for 154. I do like what Emmanuel Steward has done with him, he's not as wild, he selects his shots, he threw some good combos, and he didn't take the open invitation to exchange with Mayorga. With this said, it seems like Cotto did more dancing and jabbing then he did fighting. Cotto has possibly the best left hook to the body of any fighter boxing right now and that punch was absolutely nonexistent on Saturday night. This shocked me because when you look at Mayorga's track record it shows that he's been hurt to the body numerous times. So I was expecting Cotto to come out, work his jab, get Mayorga to lift his guard, and then attack his body. This didn't happen, and a lot of time Cotto was doubling and tripling the jab but wasn't following it with the right hand. He would snap back Mayorga's head with a couple stiff jabs then dance away and not follow up.

The problem in my eyes is that I don't see Cotto competing at 154. I think Martinez can stop him prior to midway through the fight, I think Cornelius Bundrage is a winnable, but risky fight for him, I think Serhiy Dzinziruk is a tough fight for him because of Dzinziruk's size and jab, and I think Paul Williams is a bad fight for him because I can't see Cotto keeping up with Paul William's work rate. I hear people saying Cotto would stop Paul Williams, I don't believe that at all. Paul Williams has a solid chin, Sergio Martinez just caught him with a pin point power shot at a weight that was too big for Williams. With all this said, I'm not sure 154 is a good weight for Cotto. I would like to see him take on Berto at 147 or a weight in between 147 and 154 but with Al Haymond managing both of them, this fight has a slim chance of being made.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Saul Alvarez vs Matthew Hatton: An in depth break down.

Coming up next Saturday we will see Saul "Canero" Alvarez face off against Matthew Hatton in a light middleweight fight. Saul Alvarez has good technical skills, good power, and has showed that he can overcome the storm when he was rocked early against Jose Cotto, who is a much smaller fighter. Many people are viewing Saul Alvarez to be the future of 147, after Mayweather & Pacquiao decide to hang up the gloves. But one problem that we've seen w/ Alvarez is that smaller fighters have bothered him, and hurt him (in the case of Jose Cotto).

So now Canero will be fighting Matthew Hatton, although he's far from the fighter that his brother was, he still has some pieces of his brother's game in his repertoire. Both of the Hatton brothers have been very active in Soccer/Football. And both of them have very good foot work. Most of the fighters that Canero has fought have been old washed up flat footed fighters, like Carlos Baldomir & Lovemore N'dou. So you have to question whether Hatton's footwork will bother Canero. Canero has never really fought a true "boxer" and even though I don't consider Hatton a true boxer, he does have the footwork to evade the slow fisted Canero and possibly counter him all night. But you have to wonder how well Hatton will be able to move around and be elusive with all the extra weight on him. He has never fought at 154.

But on the other hand you have a technically sound Canero with more power than anyone Hatton has fought. You have to question if Hatton can withstand the power of Alvarez. And this will be the first we see Hatton at light middleweight. We are used to seeing him fight at light welterweight, so you have to wonder if the extra weight will bother him. I think this is going to be a great fight and I think, although many people are counting Hatton out, the fight can go either way.